Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beeks line: George Fee 1675-abt 1730

It may be that George Fee born about 1675 is the original immigrant to Maryland, or he may have been born in Maryland.  At any rate, he is believed to be the son of George Fee and Rebecca possibly Parnell.  The Fee family was from County Fermanagh, Ireland, but in turn they may have been immigrants to Ireland from Scotland, about the year 1600.  There may be some connection to Donald Fee, who is said to have bought in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.  Donald's sons, Donald and George also fought with him.  (I haven't researched this yet so although it is on most Fee trees on the internet, take it with a grain of salt.)

Whether it was because they were on the losing side of the battle, or because of other economic reasons, the Fee family emigrated to Maryland sometime in the late 1600's.  Under the theory above, our George would have been born in Ireland and not Maryland, but this is not proved.  The first George was a clothier, someone who made or sold clothes or cloth, which would have been a needed product on the Maryland frontier.  Our George is listed as a planter in Talbot and Dorchester County, Maryland and also in Kent County, Delaware.  It appears that the first land was received from his father in law (actually it was willed to his wife) and from there various purchases and sales were made.  

George Fee married Elizabeth Jump, daughter of William Jump and Rebecca possibly Chesmore, probably about 1701.  They had six known children, George, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Mary, and Rebecca, and possibly more.  George is believed to have died about 1730, and I have no record of Elizabeth's death.

That is as much as I know about George right now, so obviously there is a good deal more digging to do.  I wanted to get this much written down, though, because I think the older George's history could be fascinating, and I certainly want to know more about this George.  What stories did he hear as he was growing up? Did he hear about his father and his grandfather's experiences in the Battle of the Boyne, or was this something that wasn't talked about?  When and where was he born, and when did he die?  Did he leave a will?  What other stories will his records tell?

I found much of this information at jmoule.com/Ball family website.  If someone has documentation for any of the missing information, I'd love it if you'd share!

The line of descent:

George Fee-Elizabeth Jump
George Fee-Parnell Lakin
Elizabeth Fee-Joseph Lakin
Mary Lakin-John Simpson Aldridge
John Simpson Aldridge Jr.-Lucinda Wheeler
Darlington Aldridge-Leah Folsom
Harvey Aldridge-Margaret Catherine Dunham
Cleo Aldridge-Wilbur Beeks
Mary Margaret Beeks-Cleveland Harshbarger
Their descendents