Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Allen line: Lemuel Dunn revisited

I posted Lemuel Dunn's will in the early days of this blog and have been looking for more information about him since that date.  I have come up with two additional pieces of information, both of which help understand him better but neither of which tells us anything about his parents.

The first item is from the Journal of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, page 136 in which "Lemuel Dunn, major of the same regiment (43rd) in place of William Miller, promoted", which action took place on Friday, January 15, 1819.  So now we know that the biography of George Washington Dunn (his son) that referred to "Major" Lemuel Dunn was correct.  I have so far not been able to find Lemuel in a lower rank, and I've not found a history of the 43rd Regiment, so my research in this area is far from over.

The second item I found, just last night, was that he was listed as a subscriber to "The History of the American Revolution", volume 2, by David Ramsay on page 485.  He is listed as being from Mercer County, Ky, and the publication date of the volume was 1815 so I am confident this is our Lemuel.  The book was published in Lexington, Ky.  Just this little bit of information verifies Lemuel's inventory, which included about 50 books.  It tells me that he had at least some money, because there were only a few people from Mercer County (more from Harrodsburg, but they were listed separately) who subscribed.  It tells me that he had an active interest in the Revolutionary War, which tends to lend substance to the idea that Michael Dunn, his father, did fight in the "Glorious Revolution". 

I found both of these references on Google books, just by Googling Lemuel's name, but I found them at different times.

I've also found some references to Michael Dunn that I didn't have before, but I'm not sure this is our Michael Dunn.  The reference I found most recently was a Michael Dunn who witnessed a will of Joseph Renfro (Rentfro) in Bedford County, Va on November 14, 1772 and proved by his oath on April 22, 1776.  Part of Bedford County eventually became Henry County, and there was a Michael Dunn listed there on the tax lists of 1782.  So I think I need to do further research in that area, to see whether there are records that could help decide whether these two Michael Dunns are the same, and whether this might be our Michael Dunn. 

I hope this information is useful to some of my distant cousins, and that the speculation about Michael might spark some ideas and additional thoughts from someone that can help lead us to Michael and his wife.  Please contact me via comments or email if you can help, or want to help!

The line of descent is:

Lemuel Dunn-Sarah Campbell
Margaret Dunn-Archibald Allen
George Allen-Nancy McCoy
Edward Allen-Edith Knott
Richard Allen-Gladys Holbrook
Their descendents