Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beeks line: Isaac Malin 1681-1750

A few months ago, I wrote about Randall Malin, Isaac's father.  Since Isaac was born about a year before his family came to America, technically Isaac was also an immigrant, although not "The" immigrant.  It seems that little is known of his life, but here's what I've been able to find out.

Isaac was the son of Randall and Elizabeth Malin and was born in 1681 in Chester, or possibly Cheshire, England.  He had at least two siblings, Jacob and Malin.  This was a Quaker family who responded to William Penn's invitation to come to Pennsylvania, and Randall was one of the first 400 to buy land here.  A year later, the family came to the New World, with Isaac just a "babe in arms."
There is an alternative record of birth, in the Quaker records on Ancestry.com, that show very early births in Pennsylvania, dating from 1681.  Isaac's name is recorded there, so it is possible that he was actually born shortly after the family's arrival here. It's unclear whether the records are intended to show just births that happened in Pennsylvania, or whether this was a summary of children of each of the early Quakers.  So he was born either in England or in Pennsylvania, I guess.

Isaac grew up on his father's farm on Ridley Creek in Upper Providence Township, in what is now Delaware County, near the town, now borough,  of Media.  It is described as being 15 miles west of Philadelphia, but those are probably current day boundaries, so it would have been further to Philadelphia "back in the day." 

On January 1, 1702/03 married Elizabeth Jones, daughter of David and Susanna Howell Jones.  Shortly after this, Randall signed a deed of gift of 150 acres to his son Isaac, part of the family farm. When Randall died, he left Isaac his woolen weaving clothes (cloths?) so it is possible that Randall and then Isaac had been weavers, at least during the winter months.  Isaac and Elizabeth had 7 children together, but sadly, Elizabeth died in 1717, not long after the birth of the seventh child, Randall.  (An earlier son, Randall, had lived only about 23 months). 

Isaac must have mourned deeply, as it appears that he waited almost 10 years to remarry. His second wife was Jane Roberts Pugh, a widow with children of her own.  Isaac and Jane had about 15 years together, but no children were born to them.  Isaac died August 10, 1743 at Malin Hill, Chester, Pennsylvania, still a Quaker and part of Goshen Monthly Meeting.  Since the death location appears to be different from the location in Delaware County, it would be interesting to know whether Isaac had purchased new land there, or whether he was living with a child at this time of his death.

There is more to this story, but for now it is not available.  Still, we remember Isaac as a man of faith, who worked hard to support his family.  He must have wondered at the stories he heard as a small child, about life in England, and then compared them to life on the frontier in Pennsylvania.  And he must have been amazed at the changes in Philadelphia, from a small village to a town growing into a city, at the time of his death.

The line of descent is:

Isaac Malin-Elizabeth Jones
Isaac Malin-Lydia Booth
Sarah Malin-David Ruble
Hannah Ruble-Samuel Dunham
Jacob Dunham-Catherine Goodnight
Samuel Dunham-Eliza Reese
Margaret Catherine Dunham-Harvey Aldridge
Cleo Aldridge-Wilbur Beeks
Mary Margaret Beeks-Cleveland Harshbarger
Their descendants