Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Harshbarger line: Summing up brick walls part 2

Here are more of the brick walls in the Harshbarger line.  If I could find out something about these people, and especially their parents, I could write more posts about them!

Matthew Farmer is still a mystery to me.  He was born sometime in the 1735-1745 time frame possibly in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  Two of his children married in Franklin County, Virginia in 1799 and 1803, and he was their surety so it seems that he lived there at that time.  He is in Elizabeth County, Miami County, Ohio by 1820, and there he stayed until he died in 1835.  If his birth date is truly correct, then he was quite old, at least 90, when he died.  A check of Chesterfield County shows that it wasn't formed until 1749, so we should probably be looking in Henrico County for Farmers.  I have seen several Farmers who arrived in Virginia in earlier times, mostly as indentured servants, so it is possible that the Farmers had already been in Virginia for several generations when Matthew was born.  I don't know the name of Matthew's wife, (Molly Glass was married to a different Matthew Farmer) and I sure would like to find out more about both of them!

I don't know whether I consider Mary Gearhart a true brick wall, but I have a thick file folder for her and still no smoking gun to point to her parents.  Mary was born in about 1812, and married Joseph Withers in 1832 in Carlisle, Pa. They are in Iowa in the 1850 census.  She may have died sometime between 1850 and 1860, or she may have become a widow and remarried.  I haven't located her after that date, and I can't say for sure who her parents might have been.  Peter Gerhart married Polly Wallace in 1805 at the First Presbyterian church in Carlisle but I haven't yet found proof that these people are Mary's parents. I haven't ruled them out yet, either.

Anna Marie Geise or Geiss married Daniel Kramer.  She was born , married in about 1765, and died in 1813, and that's about all that is known of her.  My tree says she was born in 1755, with no proof.  Daniel's children were born starting in about 1766 so either she was born several years earlier, or she was a second wife and not the mother of all of Daniel's children.  She died in Centre County, Pa.  I would sure love to know more about her.  Who were her parents, and when did she come to America, or was she actually born here?

 Today's last mystery is Magdalena Kunkle.  She was born about 1725, and she married Johann Caspar Schneer in 1759.  They had only two children, so perhaps she died shortly after giving birth to her second child, Julia Margaret, born in 1761 when she would have been about 36 years old.  I've found only one possible reference, a Maria Magdalena Kunckel who was born in Brocken, Ascheffanburg, Bayern, Germany July 1,1726, but if this is the right person I cannot place her in Pennsylvania, let alone in the proximity of Caspar Schneer.  Like Anna Marie Geise, I feel confident that there wouldn't be more than one or possibly two generations, to get her back to parents in Germany, and I would like to do that for both of them. 

I still have a few more Harshbarger brick walls to sum up what I know, and don't know, about the people in this line.  If you have something to add about any of these people, please contact me.  My email is happygenealogydancingATgmailDOTcom.