Friday, July 3, 2015

Allen, Beeks, Harshbarger, Holbrook lines: This and that

I'm a creature of habit, and I write about the Beeks and the Harshbarger lines one week, and the Allen and Holbrook lines another week.  So, here I am with an extra "fill in" blog, until I can get back on schedule next week.

Looking to the future, I've ordered the Civil War and pension records for William A Withers (Harshbarger line) and David Wise (Beeks line).  I'll be sure to post whatever information turns up in either of those, and I'm really looking forward to getting those. 

I also plan to order the films that NEHGS recommended, from FamilySearch for Molly Wright Holbrook.  The reason for my delay is that I've been too busy to have a Saturday or two to go read them, so there's no sense in ordering them now.  I think life may slow down a little bit by the end of the month, so maybe I can order them in time to get to work on them in August. 

I periodically go back to look for more information on an ancestor, or to work on a brick wall, so I hope to have updates, additions, corrections, and other finds to celebrate.  Plus, there are more people to write about, especially in the Allen and Holbrook lines. 

Looking back, I am especially thinking today about our Revolutionary War heroes (meaning every person who participated, since so far I've not found one who was court martialled), in every family line.  I have learned so much more about what we would consider hardships and extraordinary sacrifices that these men and their families lived, not knowing they would one day be considered heroes.  They were just ordinary people, I'm sure they'd tell us, and maybe not particularly happy to be marching to war when they had wives and families at home to care for.  They saw the vision of a free America, and we are forever grateful.   

Happy birthday, America, and thank you, ancestors and your neighbors!