Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Allen, Beeks, Harshbarger, Holbrook lines: My 200th post

It's been close to two years since I started this blog, and when I began, I had no idea of when I would be "done".  I still have no idea.  I know I'm running out of people in the Harshbarger line (direct ancestors) to write about.  Almost the entire line arrived here in the period 1735-1755, and most have not been traced back much longer than that.  My focus is American ancestors, so either I will have to expand my definition or I will need to do some more digging for Harshbarger information, or I will only write about that line in tidbits, when I find something new. 

For the other lines, I still have people I can write about, even though I may not know a lot about them.  I would like to continue this blog until I have written sketches about as many ancestors as I can identify, but I don't know whether that will be 50 more posts or 200 more posts.  I do enjoy writing the posts, but I enjoy it even more when I get a response, or a comment from a distant cousin.  My least favorite part of writing is being told by someone that I've made a mistake (or figuring that out myself), but I would much rather make the corrections than leave the errors out there for all to see. 

I am very open to suggestions if you have someone you would like me to write about, as long as I know something about that ancestor and they are on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. My email is happygenealogydanceATgmailDOTcom. 

I would like to thank you, my reader, from the beginning or brand new to this blog, for your encouragement.  It's a small blog, one of the least read in the world of blogging, but I like to think it matters to someone other than myself.  And I especially like to think you dance with me, when I find something new and exciting to write about.  May we have many more dances! 

Here's a tidbit for today, for the Allen line.  I found on line, in "First Records of Carson Valley, Utah Territory" references to land purchases and sales made by Thomas Knott.  On March 28th, 1853, there was a "Survey of land taken up by Thomas Knott and Elzy H. Knott beginning at a cedar stake standing on the town line seven miles from the north west corner of said township thence running north 55 degrees east one mile to a cedar stake thence south 35 degrees East one mile to a cedar stake then south 55 degrees west one mile to a cedar stake standing on the town line thence north 35 degrees West one mile along said line to the place of beginning according to a plan & survey of said town made and returned to the Clerks Office in Carson Valley.  March 28, 1853 by J. H. Haynes surveyor  Recorded April 11th 1853 by J.C. Fain Recorder."

This tract of land was sold on October fifth, 1853 to William B. Thorington.  It appears that the Knotts were to receive $600 for this land, $150 in cash and the rest in "a note for the cutting of one hundred and twelve thousand and five hundred feet of lumber in the logs".  

There is more about Thomas Knott in Carson Valley, Utah Territory in this book but I'll save it for another time.  After all, that 201st post will be coming up very soon.