Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holbrook line: John Lazell c. 1620-1700

John Lazell is believed to be an immigrant from England, although I haven't found any information regarding his port of origin, the ship he was on, or the date of arrival.  He is also believed to be of French Huguenot descent, but whether that was one generation further back or more, I have also been unable to determine.  So, far all intents and purposes, as of this writing, the first official mention I can find of John Lasell (Lazell after about 1660) is his marriage to Elizabeth Gates, daughter of Stephen and Ann Gates, by Peter Hobart, on November 29, 1649.  Her family had come to New England in 1638.

The marriage took place an Hingham, Mass., where John had been for at least two years, and where the family settled.  He was a husbandman, or farmer.  It doesn't appear that he was in any kind of leadership position other than a one year term as constable in 1677.  He was made a freeman in 1678.  He gradually accumulated land once owned by Nicholas Hodsen.  He also had a large family of eleven children, with their birth dates ranging from 1650 to 1671, at least 7 of whom survived to have children of their own.

These two short paragraphs sum up what is known of John, until he wrote his will in September of 1695 and died in October 21, 1700, at the age of 89 years, according to his now missing tombstone.  His inventory amounted to 251 pounds, 3 shillings.  I haven't actually seen records of the inventory, so I am not sure whether this is with or without the real estate. 

I'd sure like to know more about John, especially whether the additional data I have is documented.  I show that he may have been baptized at St. Nicholas Church, Hedingham Castle, Essex, England, but I don't have records to support that. (Update before publication.  This appears to be a different John Lassells, as this gentleman died in 1700 and was buried at the church named.  Our John was buried in Hingham, Mass.) I'd like to know if the Huguenot family story is accurate.  I'd like to know who his parents were, and whether he had siblings.  I'd like to know when and why he migrated to Massachusetts, and I'd like to know more about his life in England and also in New England.  Is this too much to ask?

The line of descent is:

John Lazell-Elizabeth Gates
Israel Lazell-Rachel Lincoln
Israel Lazell-Deborah Marsh
Deborah Lazell-Levi Rockwood
Susanna Rockwood-Nahum Holbrook
Joseph Holbrook-Mary Elizabeth Whittemore
Fremont Holbrook-Phoebe Brown
Loren Holbrook-Etta Stanard
Gladys Holbrook-Richard Allen
Their descendents