Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holbrook line: Recent find about Isaac Hetrick

I've written about Isaac Hetrick before.  He is one of my most-admired ancestors, because of his conversion in what was then pretty close to old age (he was in his mid 50's) and because he then went to Kansas to help establish and in some cases, build, Baptist churches, at the close of the Civil War. 

Here is a tribute that I found last week on Newspapers.com.  It was originally published in the "Ottawa Baptist" and then republished in The Ottawa Daily Republic, Ottawa, Kansas on Monday, August 24, 1891.

"Rev. Isaac Hetrick

It is our sad duty to record, this month, the passing from us of Elder Hetrick, and still not so sad, because he went home in peace, full of years of good deeds.  He fell asleep on Saturday, August 15, at ten o'clock.  For almost a year he had been a sufferer from rheumatism, but seemed for some time to have been better.  However, while he suffered less pain, the disease seems to have reduced his strength, and finally to have struck suddenly to his heart, resulting in instant death.  He was up and about during the morning hours, and though he seemed conscious for some days that he would not remain here long, his indomitable perseverance kept him about.  He had preached just two weeks previously at Antioch, and had an appointment at Appanoose for August 30th.  He was just two months past the eighty-first anniversary of his birth.

Elder Hetrick was a man of more than average ability and usefulness.  During the early part of his life, he was a successful merchant, and amassed, what in that time would be called a fortune.  When he was converted to God, and entertained what he believed to be a call to preach the gospel he devoted himself as thoroughly to that work as he had previously to furthering his worldly interests.  Much of his wealth was spent in advancing the interests he fostered.  His heart was full of the love of Christ, and he had a very great interest in all phases of missionary work.  He was instrumental in organizing 6 churches, and in building 4 church edifices.  The churches at Appanoose and Greenwood he organized, and of these he was pastor for nineteen years.  While he did not neglect his pastoral duties, he did much evangelistic work for which he seemed to have a peculiar fitness.  He was a clear thinker and a forceful speaker, and was noted for the power of his preaching.  Would that we had many such men.  The leaders are falling, who shall take their place?

His body was laid away in the lot he had himself chosen in Greenwood cemetery, after a short service in the church, attended by a large concourse of those who had known him and had profited by his ministry. 

'Servant of God, well done,
   Rest from thy loved employ;
The battle fought, the victory won,
   Enter thy master's joy.'

-Ottawa Baptist."

I will treasure this article just as I cherish the memory of this man, my second great grandfather.  I am also intrigued by the mention that he was a successful merchant, as I have not yet found any mention or evidence of that.  I need to go back to resources in the Mansfield, Ohio area to see what I can find about that part of his life.  Yes, it was a happy genealogy dance day, when I found this article!

The line of descent:

Isaac Hetrick-Elizabeth Black
Mary Alice Hetrick-Louis E Stanard
Etta Stanard-Loren Holbrook
Gladys Holbrook-Richard Allen
Allen and Melcher descendants