Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holbrook line: Hosanna Brown 1685-1769

Who couldn't love a man named Hosanna?  His family was  Baptist. His grandfather, Chad Brown, was minister of the Baptist church in Providence, Rhode Island in its very early years (1642 and following).  His parents were Daniel Brown and Alice Hearnden (various spellings) who had been married December 25, 1669.  One of his siblings was named Hallelujah, and his other siblings had good Christian names, too: Sarah, Jonathan, Daniel, Judah, and Jabez. The exception to Biblical names was his sister Alice, most likely named for her mother. 

Hosanna was born in 1685 in Providence, Rhode Island and died in 1767 in Gloucester, Rhode Island. I've not found him in any military records yet, but that may be because he lived in a time of relative peace. He would have been too old for the French and Indian/Seven Years war, and the Indian troubles of King Philip's War and the ensuing years would have been pretty much over by the turn of the century, when Hosanna would have been old enough to fight. 

I've found one brief reference to Hosanna Brown's land as a "farm", so that is the only clue I've found so far as to his occupation. Living in Gloucester, he may also have had a connection to the life of the sea, but I've found no references to that. At one time he owned land on both sides of Chepachet River, and he had mill privileges conveyed by a son in law.  He married Mary Hawkins, the daughter of John Hawkins and Sarah Daniels, in 1705 and their first son, Othniel, was born soon after.  They also had two daughters, Sarah and Mary, and there may have been a son, Jeremiah.  Mary, Hosanna's wife, died about 1735 and Hosanna remarried, to a widow named Ammitai, otherwise not yet identified.  They had four children together, including a daughter named Hallelujah and a son named Hosanna, as well as Daniel and Nedabiah. 

Most of the information in this blog came from volume 80, 1926 issue of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  Little else is known about Hosanna, so he needs more research. Just his name makes me want to smile. I hope he was a joyful man! 

The line of descent is:

Hosanna Brown-Mary Hawkins
Othniel Brown-Mary Brown (a different family)
Sarah Brown-Enos Eddy
Enos Eddy-Deborah Paine
Joseph Eddy-Susan Lamphire
Susan Eddy-Hiram Stanard
Louis Stanard-Alice Hetrick
Etta Stanard-Loren Holbrook
Allen and Melcher children, grandchildren, and great grandchilren.