Friday, July 4, 2014

Allen, Beeks, Harshbarger, Holbrook lines: Happy Fourth of July

Happy birthday, America!  And thank you to our ancestors, who fought for their freedom, and ours, during the American Revolutionary War, from 1775-1783.  This list will not be complete by any means, but will at least be a reminder to us of the men to whom we owe a debt of gratitude that can't be repaid.

Allen line: Moses Parrish, Michael Dunn, John Campbell, Lambert Lane, John Moore, William McCoy, Robert Bell, John Starr, Richard Falley, Martin Root, Thomas Chester, possibly Jonathan Havens, Stephen Noble.

Holbrook line: Jesse Holbrook, Amariah Holbrook, Levi Rockwood, Jude Foster, Josiah Whittemore, Joseph Nation, Libbeus Stanard, (possibly) David Fay, Edward Fay, Stephen Paine, Jacob Hetrick, Alexis Lemmon.

Harshbarger line:  Simon Essig, Casper Schnerr,

Beeks line:  Christopher Beeks, John Simpson Aldridge, Samuel Dunham.

I am sure there are many names I am missing, especially on the Harshbarger line.  I've found names that match ours in the State Archives, but they are a card file index only and I am not sure enough to list them here.  The Beeks line also is thin, because of brick walls and because I haven't yet had time to research the Dutch ancestors.  There were likely some who were involved, though, simply because of their locations. Maybe I can do an update next year! 

So here's to our ancestors, and here's to the red, white and blue!  Enjoy the picnic and fireworks from sea to shining sea!