Monday, January 13, 2014

Harshbarger and Beeks lines: Men and their cars

Here are a couple of newspaper articles I think are worth sharing.  The first is from the Logansport Pharos-Tribune October 21, 1920.


Columbia City, Oct. 21- Emanuel Harshbarger, well known cider mill proprietor of Thorncreek township, after a prosperous day Thursday, in the evening, with over $200 in a cigar box, before going to his home first went to the garage to put some gasoline in his auto. A lantern Mr. Harshbarger had lighted was placed on the ground near the gasoline tank.  Fumes arising from filling the auto tank ignited, the lantern exploded, and burning oil was shot over the interior of the building. Mr. Harshbarger saved his auto by pushing it from the shed, then happened to remember that he had left the box of money on the floor near the machine.  The fierce progress of the flames prevented his re-entering the shed to recover the money. Mr. Harshbarger was badly burned about one arm, a local physician being called to attend him."  

The second article is from the Huntington Herald, March 26, 1924, page 8. 


Wilbur Beeks and Samuel Aldridge are taking a lot of kidding these days over a trip Sunday to Atlanta, Ind., near Tipton. They encountered some poor roads on the way down, and were given quite a lot of information about how to find their way back.  The advice was disastrous, as it is related that they were stuck in the mud three different times, and each time had to hire a team to pull them out.

Night came on, and then, it is said their real troubles began.  After traveling "all over central Indiana," it is said, they came to a small town and made inquiry as to where they were.  It developed, so their traducers say, that it was Andrews, and that they would not believe it until they were shown the town hall. 

The trip home is said to have required ten hours." 

Ah, and their cars!