Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy genealogy dance for the Allen line

Few things make me happier than to stumble across something new about one of my ancestors.  A couple of days ago, I was doing my semi-regular Google searches for my found relatives, hoping for something new, and behold!  I Googled the name of my great grandfather, John W Knott, and pulled up several new-to-me sites for him.  One was the General Catalogue of the McCormick Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Il, from 1900 and another issue from 1912, and I can now say I think I know everywhere that he preached during his lifetime. There were 17 different locations noted.  McCormick Theological Seminary kept track of him because he was an alumnus of sorts. Thank you, Cyrus McCormick, for providing the initial funding for this school!

Even more interesting, I found a reference to a John W. Knott who ran for the office of Idaho State Secretary of State in 1898.  Hmmm...He was in Soda Springs, Idaho in 1898.  A little digging on turned up the information via the Idaho Daily Statesman of May 28, 1898, that this was indeed Rev. John W. Knott, of Soda Springs, Idaho.  He and the entire Prohibition ticket were soundly trounced in the November election.  This was a four party race, and most Idahoans were paying attention to the Free Silver issue, not to the Prohibition ticket, which was a few years ahead of its time.  I find it fascinating and commendable that at the age of 62, knowing it would be a losing cause, he was willing to run for office. I'm sure he felt it his duty, and probably felt the call of the Lord to do this. 

So-happy genealogy dance time, for a detail that sheds real light on the character of my great grandfather! It looks like he practiced his faith, and didn't just preach it.

I am hoping to have more happy genealogy dances during 2014.  I'll be happy with anything I learn that fills in the gaps of the people I know about.  I'll be ecstatic if I break down any brick walls this year.  My genealogy goals are to continue reading, watching videos and webinars, researching both the lost and the found, and to keep blogging.  Maybe if I don't find my brick wall people, I'll find new cousins I can actually talk to! 

Happy New Year to all my readers, and my 5 cherished followers!