Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Allen line: Richard Tydings, Immigrant abt 1630-1687

I wish I could find more information about Richard Tydings.  I'd love to tell you who his parents were and where he was born, whom he married and when he arrived in the New World.  However, there is conflicting information about each of these "facts", and obviously not all of them can be correct.  There are no alternate facts in genealogy, but alternate theories abound .

As of now, possible parents for Richard,are John and Ann Willson Tydings, married September 20,1630 at St Saviour church, Southwark, Surrey, (across the Thames River from London).  John "Tithings" had a son RIchard baptied March, 1633/4, so this is in the correct time frame to be our Richard.  Also Richard named a son John, but both first names are very common so this is not proof, just a suggestion.

We do know that he was in Maryland by 1659, when he demanded 50 acres as a headright.  Whether this was for himself or for a family member is not clear. He lived at a "plantation" or farm called Haslenut Ridge", which was on the Rhode River in what is now Anne Arundel County, around Annapolis.

He most likely married in Maryland, and his wife is often claimed to be Charity Sparrow, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Marsh Sparrow.  There is some dispute about this in genealogy circles but I think it is likely correct, though I'm sure willing to listen to opposing beliefs, especially if documents are found to prove or disprove this theory

Based on his will, we know that he owned not only Haslenut Ridge, by now 166 acres, but also a tract called Nanjomie in Baltimore County, which was 375 acres, and another tract called "New Year's Purchase" which was on Gunpowder River in Baltimore County and contained 500 acres.  Because he owned at least three separate pieces of land at the time of his death in 1687, he was likely raising tobacco, which depleted the land quickly.   This could mean he had indentured servants or possibly slaves, although there was no mention of slaves in this will.  (This isn't necessarily conclusive, because slaves at the time were considered personal property and it wasn't necessary to list or bequeath them separately).

Other than this, we know only the names of some of his children: John, Charity, Pretitia, Elizabeth, and Mary.  There are lists that include other children and it's possible, but these five seem to be the ones everyone agrees on.  Richard is indeed a mystery.  Why did he come to Maryland, and what ship did he come on when he came to America.  Did he disembark at Baltimore, or Virginia?  Where is the proof of his wife's name?

The Maryland ancestors we have are fascinating, maybe because they seem mysterious to me.  I want to learn more about them both individually, and as a group of people.

The line of descent is:

Richard Tydings-Charity Sparrow
Pretitia or Pretosia Tydings-Dutton Lane
Samuel Lane-Mary Jane Corbin
Lambert Lane-Nancy Ann Anderson
Nancy Ann Lane-James McCoy
Vincent McCoy-Eleanor Jackson
Nancy McCoy-George R. Allen
Edward Allen-Edith Knott
Richard Allen-Gladys Holbrook
Their descendants