Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Beeks line: Jackson Wise 1817-1893

Jackson Wise may or may not be the biological ancestor of those in the Beeks family.  But he was certainly part of the family, known as Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle to the Beeks family, and they must have known his story at one time.  We don't know much of his story particularly after he came to Wabash County, but I'm learning more.  T.J. Hunnicutt, the archivist at the Wabash County Historical Museum, has been sending me copies of the "rather large file" about Jackson that he has there.  While I may or may not share all of it, one of the first items he sent me answers an important question:  How did Jackson Wise die?

This is from a typed copy of an article taken from the Wabash Daily Plain Dealer of Monday Evening, March 6, 1893, page 4 column 3. 

"Died From His Injuries"

"Jack Wise, a noted character living about two miles southwest of Lincolnville, died at his home Saturday from internal injuries sustained Thursday of last week while assisting a horse which had fallen in his stable to arise.  The horse was on his back and was wedged in the stall.  A rope was tied around the animal's neck in order to pull him around.  Mr. Wise was behind the horse and he kicked back with one foot striking him in the stomach with the above result.  Wise was picked up and assisted to his house where he lingered in great pain until death came to his relief.  the funeral occurred Sunday morning at 10o'clock. Burial in Center Grove Cemetery."

I'm looking forward to learning more about the reasons "Jack" was considered a "noted character", I think.  I'm also wondering why there would be a funeral at church service time on a Sunday morning.  Maybe that's when the family could be there, or the preacher was available because he didn't have services until a little later in the day.  I don't recall seeing many Sunday 10 a.m. funerals, though, even in that time period.  As often happens, answering one question generates more questions. 

The line of descent is:

Jackson Wise-Charity Botkin
Mary Wise-William Beeks
John Beeks-Elizabeth Wise
Wilbur Beeks-Cleo Aldridge
Mary Margaret Beeks-Cleveland Harshbarger
Their descendants