Friday, November 11, 2016

Harshbarger line:Thomas Allaman, Immirgrant to Virginia

This blog post is really just more of a place holder, because so far I've found very little about this man.  He was born sometime in the early life of Virginia, perhaps 1622-1630.  All the sources I've found indicate that he was born in Essex or Gloucester Counties of Virginia.  If this is true, his unknown parents were actually the immigrants.  I've seen Thomas's father as Thomas Allaman and his mother as Margaret, but I don't know if there is proof for that.

Thomas had at least two wives, with Judith being the daughter of his first marriage and John, William, and Thomas being sons of his second wife, believed to be Mary Webster Webb.  He died on March 9, 1706, having survived drought and (probably) hurricane, peace and war, insects and illness.  He was probably 76 years old or more when he died, which was an old age for Virginia colonists of the time. 

That's as much as we know about Thomas, but we can speculate.  Because he was in Virginia during this time period, he was probably a part of the Anglican (Church of England) religion.  He would have paid a tithing tax to the authorities, in addition to whatever the government required of him.  He was likely part of the militia, for these people had to be on their guard against native American attacks and intrusions for many years.  We don't know whether he took part in Bacon's Rebellion or not, but we do know he likely wasn't a ringleader in that event.  He may have farmed or fished, but if he did neither of these for a living than he would have been some time of merchant or craftsperson.  Those were the opportunities available at the time. 

I would love to know more about this man and his wife.  Nothing further is readily available on the net, and my search of books at the library has so far come up empty.  If someone has had better luck than I have, and you're willing to share what you've found, I'd love to hear from you. 

The line of descent is:
Judith Allaman-James Edmondson
John Edmondson-Mary Boughan
Sukey (Susannah) Edmondson-Thomas Wyatt
John Wyatt-Alice Gordon
Jean Wyatt-William Farmer
Margaret Farmer-Solomon Eliot Bennett
Mary Bennett-John Harter
Clara Ellen Harter-Emanuel Harshbarger
Grover Harshbarger-Goldie Withers
Cleveland Harshbarger-Mary Margaret Beeks
Their descendants