Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beeks line: This is when Wilbur Beeks joined the American Legion

From the Huntington Herald, Huntington, Indiana Monday, November 17, 1919, page 4:


Hall Post No. 163 of the American Legion of Andrews was formed Sunday afternoon in the store of Howard Dunn when election of officers took place and business matters pertaining to the post were taken up.  The officers elected were:  Howard Dunn, president; Edgar Keefer, vice president; Homer Ellison, secretary and Delmar Chubb, treasurer.  It was decided to use the room formerly occupied by the Andrews Post, G>A>R>, and improvements will be made.

The post was given its name in memory of the only Andrews boy who lost his life in the war.  The post received its charter last week from the Indiana branch of the American Legion.  Nearly twenty ex-service men already have joined the post.  Among the first young men to join the post were Howard Dunn, Paul Haller, Mr. Wiley, Earl Stephan, Vernice Stephan, William Ross, Bert Ross, Wilbert (sic) Beeks, Chester Beeks, Edgar Keefer, Roy G. Declan (might be Decian), Homer Ellison, Henry Kingsley John Hefner, Jos. Schmalzried, Earl Bremaman (Brenneman?), Euguene Wire, and Delmar Chubb."

I have more research to do on this article for a possible second book about Andrews history, but this answers one of my family questions.  Wilbur joined as a charter member, and when the Andrews branch disbanded, his membership was likely transferred to Huntington's unit.  Wilbur's service was in Russia, as one of the Michigan Polar Bears.