Friday, May 6, 2016

Harshbarger line and more: The Ohio Frontier

I'm "stuck" on too many Harshbarger ancestors, so I purchased the book The Ohio Frontier Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830 by R. Douglas Hurt, after finding a reference to it somewhere.  Even though the book is copyright 1996, it is still available for purchase on line, and I would recommend it to anyone who is "stuck" on an Ohio ancestor.  I'm hoping to find clues in the book as to migration patterns, ways of life, cultural hints that could send me to another set of records somewhere that would help break down some brick walls. 

In the meantime, I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know (except now I do want to know) about Ohio's early history.  I've already learned, in my genealogy journey, that nothing was as simple as it was portrayed to us in high school, and it means going back and unlearning some things and looking at others from  many more "angles" than the textbooks allowed.  For instance, we were taught little about the native Americans, except for maybe the Battle of Fallen Timbers, where General Wayne and the Americans finally prevailed.  The story of what happened before that is utterly fascinating, and deeply disturbing.  Who knew there were so many different tribes in the area, and how often their loyalties shifted, toward the French, the British, the Americans, and toward each other? 

I'm a little over halfway through the book now and it keeps getting more and more interesting.  I'm learning about which ethnic or cultural groups of people settled in which areas, and how they earned their livings.  I thought I had a rough understanding of what "farming" meant, but I find I was woefully uneducated regarding the raising and selling of farm animals, for example.  I expect to learn more about the people of early Ohio as I go along, and I can't wait to see what directions I can take to explore more about our ancestors. 

Here's a list of ancestors from our different lines, believed to be in Ohio before 1830.

     George Harshbarger, his wife Mary Kepler, and son Lewis
     Conrad Mentzer, his wife Elizabeth Tullepen, and daughter Catherine
     George Harter, his wife Elizabeth Geiger, and their son John (born 1830)
     Johan George Harter (parents of above) and his wife Mary Miller
     George Harter and his wife Mary Kitterman (parents of above)
    Anthony Geiger and his wife Mary Kirk (parents of Elizabeth Geiger, above)
     Solomon Bennett, his wife Margaret Farmer, and daughter Mary Bennett
     Caleb Bennett, father of Solomon Bennett
     William Farmer and his wife Jean Wyatt, parents of Margaret Farmer, above
     Matthew Farmer, father of William Farmer
     William Cook and Elizabeth Brown
     Henry Cook and Catherine Whetstone, parents of William Cook
     David Brown and his wife Barbara Brothers, parents of Elizabeth Brown
     Matthias Brothers and possibly his wife Christina Chestnutwood, parents of Barbara Brothers

     Daniel Kemery and Susannah Essig
     Hans Jacob Kemmerli, father of Daniel Kemery
     George Essig and Catherine Shollenberger, parents of Susannah Essig
     Simon Essig and Julia Margaret Schnerr, parents of George Essig
     Barbara N. Long (possibly born 1826 Georgetown, Brown County, Ohio?)
      John Beeks and Polly Carter
      William Beeks and Mary Elizabeth Nimerick
     *Jackson Wise and Charity Botkin (parents of Mary Wise, who may not be a Wise so I'm not carrying this line back any further, but there are more generations of Ohio folks in these two lines)
      Andrew Wise and Mary Serfass (parents of David Wise)
      Johann Jacob Weiss and Charlotte Raub (her death location not certain) parents of Andrew Wise
      Timothy Martin and Hannah Tilberry (parents of Matilda Martin who married David Wise)
      John Simpson Aldridge Jr and Lucinda Wheeler
      John Simpson Aldridge and Mary Lakin, parents of John S Aldridge Jr.
      Jason Wheeler and Patience, parents of Lucinda Wheeler
      Jacob Dunham and Catherine Goodnight, parents of Samuel G Dunham
      Owen T Rees and Margaret Ellen Moon, parents of Eliza Matilda Reese
      Solomon Rees and Anna, parents of Owen T.
     Thomas Moon, father of Margaret Ellen Moon
Allen line: 
     Henry Jackson and Elizabeth Stump and possibly son Alexis Jackson
     Thomas J Knott and Hannah Bell
     Joseph Scull Knott and Mary Adams, parents of Thomas Knott
     John Bell and Hannah Finch, parents of Hannah Bell
     Robert Bell and Mary Yost, parents of John Bell
     Jesse Finch and Hannah, parents of Hannah Finch
     John Havens Starr and Clarissa Falley, parents of Harriet Starr
     John Starr and Betsy Havens, parents of John Havens Starr
     John Starr and Mary Sharp, parents of John Starr
     Samuel Falley and Ruth Root, parents of Clarissa Falley
Holbrook line:
     Isaac Hetrick and Elizabeth Black, parents of Mary Alice Hetrick
     Abraham Hetrick and Sarah Lemmon, parents of Isaac Hetrick
     Alexis Lemmon, father of Sarah Lemmon
     Adam Brown and Phoebe Myers
     John Adam Brown and Catherine Clapp, parents of Adam Brown
     possibly Barbara Clapp Clapp, mother of Catherine Clapp
     Christopher Myers and Elizabeth Nation, parents of Phoebe Myers
     possibly Jeretta Vickery, mother of Elizabeth Nation

These are confirmed mostly by census records, occasionally by death records, and in the case of "possibly" by trees found on line. 

Gee, do you think maybe a research trip to Ohio to learn more about these (and potentially some I didn't list) would be in order?