Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Allen line: Short notes about Thomas Stump, Immigrant.

I'm writing this post in the hopes that someone knows something more about this immigrant ancestor.  He is a bit unusual in the Allen line since the only records I can find about him are from Maryland.  There aren't a lot of Maryland ancestors in the Allen line.

We don't know when he was born, although almost every tree I can find on line says he was born in 1690, and possibly in Germany.  That would again be unusual, for not many Germans settled in Prince Georges County in the early 18th century.  Of course, saying something would be unusual doesn't prove it's not true, because our family, and our country, are made up of "unusual" people. 

There are very few facts we can pull out about our ancestor Thomas.  His wife's name (at his death) was Eliza or Elizabeth, and they had three sons, Thomas, John, and William, born roughly from 1715 to 1721.  Thomas is named on a list of taxables in 1719, in the Rock Creek Hundred of Prince Georges County.  We also find William McCoy on this list, and John Jackson.  The Rock Creek Hundred, per "The Ten Mile Country and Its Pioneer Families" would have been part of Rock Creek Parish, and located in or very near the present city of Washington, D.C.

According to the Maryland Calendar of Wills, volume 6, his will was written April 29 1723 and probated May 10, 1723, leaving to his 3 sons, Thomas, John and William and their heirs, 200 acres "Stump's Valles in the freshes of Potomoac River, equally.  Wife Eliz. executrix, and testators were John Flint,Ninian Tannchill, and Robt. Payne or Paine. 

Then, in Settlers of Maryland 1701-1730- we find Thomas Stump, presumably the son of this Thomas Stump, listed as owning 200 acres called Stump's Valley as of May 20, 1725. This is confusing because son Thomas would have been only about 10 years old.  Perhaps the land was being registered for the first time under the deceased Thomas's name, since many times having the land surveyed and a deed made was not the first thing on a settler's mind. 

I find a lot of trees out there giving Thomas a death date in 1730, so there is confusion about his death date as well.  Perhaps there were later probate proceedings, or possibly guardianship papers, which generated this date.  I'd like to know the source for the 1730 date, which so far I have been unable to find. 

Of course I'd like to know almost everything about Thomas.  Was he truly born about 1690, and was he from Germany?  If so, how and why did he come to Maryland?  If he wasn't from Germany, where was he from?  Who was his wife, and what is her story?  There are surely more records to be mined that have presently gone unnoticed, and I'd love to find them and see what else can be learned about Thomas Stump.His story is just too much of a blank.

I'd love to hear from others who are interested in this man.  Where else can we look for records?

The line of descent is:

Thomas Stump-Elizabeth
Thomas Stump-Jane Booth
Elizabeth Stump-Henry Jackson
Alexis Jackson-Catherine Moore
Eleanor Jackson-Vincent McCoy
Nancy McCoy-George Allen
Edward Allen-Edith Knott
Richard Allen-Gladys Holbrook
Their descendents