Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Harshbarger line: William H. Withers estate 1936

On one of my trips to Whitley County, Indiana, I copied down the basics of the estate of William H Withers.  I may have had a copy of it at one time, because this isn't dated although I believe it would be from 1936, since he died January 24,1936.  I will mark this on my to do list the next time I go back, because I hate to leave things undone.  However, I'd also hate to have this information about him and not post it, because someone, some where, may be glad to have these 'crumbs' to lead them on the trail.

The appraisers of the estate (also not noted-Gee, was this the day I went with husband and he was in a hurry to leave?  or maybe we took photos that didn't turn out) gave the following values to his personal property:

Checking account  $29                                  Mower                           $3
2 horses                  $50                                 Corn cultivator               $2
3 cows                  $120                                 Hay rake                         $2
1 cow                     $30                                  Onion drill                      $1
calf                         $10                                  2 wheel hoes                  $2
brood sow              $25                                 30 onion crates                $1.50
7 shoats                 $140                                50 lb peppermint oil        $7.50  ??
1923 Dodge auto   $35                                  Set of harness                 $2
Wagon                   $10                                  2 tons of hay (??)             $10

Harness                    $3                                 50 bu. corn                      $25

Riding plow             $3                                 Walking breaking ???       $.50

Total appraised value  $579  No taxes owed
Debts to J.A. DeMoney, funeral $257.50
Dr. B.F. Pence, medical bill     $17.50

Net value of estate  $304.

I've read enough to know that growing onions and then mint in Whitley County, Indiana was back- breaking hard work, and did not pay well.  This estate is evidence of that.  We have no personal stories other than a story about an automobile accident that left his vehicle smelling differently than it had before, to rely on in trying to learn about this man, so this gives us more information than we had before. 

There is an outside chance that someone reading this may have a picture of William or/and of his wife, Della Kemery.  I would certainly love to hear from you, if that person is you!  

The line of descent is:

William H. Withers-Della Kemery
Goldie Withers-Grover Harshbarger
Cleveland Harshbarger-Mary Margaret Beeks
Their descendents