Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holbrook line: A warning about my previous post about Thomas Judd

I was contacted by a reader (yes, I actually had a reader!) who questioned my previous post about Thomas Judd. She wasn't upset with what I said about Thomas Judd, but she wondered about having Eunice Southwell in his family line.  I stated that Eunice Southwell was the daughter of Ebenezer Southwell and Elizabeth Judd. She believes that Eunice Southwell is the daughter of Enoch Southwell, so I started searching my records. Unfortunately, I have very little to support my statement, as it turns out.

I have listed Eunice Southwell as having been born in 1738 in Suffield, Connecticut.  If this is correct, then she is possibly Ebenezer's daughter, as I find him in 1747 and 1748 serving on military expeditions from Suffield.  But, the Pomeroys, the family Eunice married into, were from Northampton, Massachusetts.  Enoch and Ebenezer Southwell were both born there to William Southwell, Enoch in 1700 and Ebenezer in 1693/1694.  Enoch is listed as the father of Eunice who was born in 1735.  This is a different date and location for my Eunice, or is my Eunice a figment of someone's imagination?  I cannot find a birth record for her in Connecticut, or elsewhere, as Ebenezer's daughter. 

So, have I been hoodwinked?  For the time being, I think I don't know what I know, or think.  Were there two Eunice Southwell's, or only one?  Should I delete the portion of my tree that shows Ebenezer and Elizabeth Judd as Eunice's parents?  I think for the time being, I'm going to change the tree to show the parents as "poss", which is my shorthand for possibly.  I urge anyone to take my Thomas Judd post with a grain or ten of salt, while I try to find more information.  I would love to find wills for Enoch and for Ebenezer, which would hopefully settle this question. Barring that, we need land records.

Stay tuned. There may be another post about the Southwells in the future, especially if I figure out the answer to this puzzle.  I certainly thank my reader for questioning me, because facts are better than fiction, all the time!