Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holbrook line: A newspaper clipping that made me dance

This article came from the Ottawa Daily Republic, Ottawa, Kansas of Monday, August 24, 1914 and was found on Newspapers.com.  Who would think that a little town in Kansas would carry an article about the wedding of my grandparents, which took place in the even smaller town of Threeforks, Washington?  Nevertheless, here it is:


A wedding that will interest the many Ottawa friends of the bride was celebrated Sunday, Aug. 16 at Threeforks, Wash., when Miss Etta Alice Stanard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Stanard, and Mr. Loren Holbrook were united in marriage.  They are at home at Kettle Falls, Wash., where Mr. Holbrook is proprietor of a flour mill and box factory. The bride is well known in Ottawa where she lived until six years ago when they moved to Washington.  She made her home with Dr. and Mrs. F. O. Hetrick and attended the Ottawa university.  She graduated from the university with the class of 1912.  The bride has been teaching since her graduation.  The first year she taught at Esbon and visited here in June on her way to visit her parents in Washington. Last year she taught in Rice, Wash.  A wide circle of Ottawa friends extend best wishes."

I learned so many new things about my grandparents from this clipping.  I have the exact date and place of marriage, what businesses my grandfather was involved with in 1914, and where they spent the first years of their marriage.  The chronology they gave for my grandmother (staying in Ottawa to live with her uncle and finish college) finally makes sense, and I'm glad to know more about her early teaching career.  The towns mentioned in the article are all very small, but maybe I can turn up some more information there.

Newspaper searching is fun because you never know what you will find where.  I just wish there were more papers available from the 1760's to the 1820's, which could reveal information about my many brick wall ancestors.  Websites keep adding new pages all the time, so I've learned to keep searching.  I've found several articles about ancestors weeks or even months after making the first search.  This article is one of those "Never give up" kind of search results!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some dancing to do...

The line of descent is:

Loren Holbrook-Etta Stanard
Gladys Holbrook-Richard Allen
Their descendents