Friday, March 7, 2014

Harshbarger line: In "deed", a happy genealogy dance day!

Last week, I went back to Whitley County, Indiana to the recorder's office, with a long list of potential landowners. I wanted to find as many deeds as I could during the two hours or so I spent there.  I spent too much time in the first book of deeds, but once I figured out what the most efficient way to locate the deeds was, I made great progress.  I am quite sure I didn't find everything, but here's what I found:

     An 1837 deed filed in 1838 from George Harter and wife Elizabeth and John Geiger and wife Ruth, Joseph Geiger and wife Polly, William Rhodes and wife, and Reuben Gilliland and wife sell land to Anthony Geiger Jr and Thomas Geiger. Of the 10 people who signed the deal, only George Harter and Joseph Geiger signed their names; the others signed with an X.  This involves land in Allen County, Indiana, and was filed in Licking County, Ohio. 

   An 1851 deed from Solomon Bennett and his wife Margaret to John Farmer

   An 1843 deed from Solomon Bennett and his wife Margaret to James G Simcoke

   An 1851 (I think) deed from Henry Cook and Catherine Cook his wife to Ephraim Strong (or Stroup?)

   An 1843 deed from Henry Swihart, County Agent of Whitley County, to Henry Cook and Catherine his wife

   An 1849 deed from George Essig and Catherine Essig to Lydia Feller.  This may not be the George Essig that is directly an ancestor; I need to do more research on this one.

   The 1837 certificate from the United States of America to Anthony Geiger

   An 1848 certificate from the United States of America to Anthony Gigar (not sure if this is our Anthony, or son Anthony)

   An 1856 deed from John A Essig and Mary his wife to John Crawford (not a direct ancestor, but of the family)
   An 1856 deed from John Harshbarger and Julia Ann his wife to Lewis Harshbarger and Catherine his wife

   An 1841 deed from Moses Thompson to Solomon Bennett

   An 1860 deed from Solomon E Harris (or Kerns) and wife Emily to Benjamin Buchtel

   An 1854 deed from Peter Snider and wife to William Cook

   An 1870 deed from William Cook and Elizabeth his wife to Williams and Withers

   An 1869 deed from Philip Knisely and Lydia his wife to Lewis Harshbarger

   An 1854 deed from John L Cotton and wife to William Koch (not sure this is our William Cook)

   A suit for partition involving Emanuel Harshbarger and Lavinia Harshbarger Gradeless vs. Catherine Harshbarger Sr., Milo Harshbarger, Matilda Harshbarger, Henry Harshbarger, Catherine Harshbarger Jr, and Mary Harshbarger (actually, all the names are spelled Harshburger) in 1879. 

   An 1878 deed from William Cook and Elizabeth his wife to Barbara Withers et al.  This one is especially interesting because the Notary Public who signed it on October 28th, October 1878 was Thomas R Marshall, who later became governor of Indiana and then two term vice president of the United States. 

So-I have 18 new deeds, only two or three of which I am not certain are ancestors of my children!  I paid $23 for these, but they are priceless!  The names above which are in the Harshbarger line, one way or another, are Harter, Geiger, Bennett, Cook, Essig, Buchtel, Harshbarger, and Withers.  I am sure I missed some transactions, and I stopped mostly by 1880, so there is more to be done in Whitley County.  It's a good thing that the room is so pleasant and the people there are so polite and helpful! 
I just realized I have no Kemery deeds!  I'll have to go back and look for that name, too! 

If you have questions about any of these, let me know.  I may not be able to read every word of a deed, but I will try to give you the gist of it, if you're interested.