Friday, December 13, 2013

Holbrook line: Libbeus Stannard 1756-1846

Libbeus Stannard was born in Suffield, Hartford County, Connecticut, December 5, 1756, and died at Perryville, Madison County, New York on September 5, 1846.  His parents were John Stannard and Hannah Hatchett, and he was one of at least 10 children.  So far, his story doesn't look very remarkable. 

However, during his early manhood the colonies were forced to fight the Revolutionary War, and Libbeus joined the service of his country that was not yet born.  He lived at Rupert, Vermont, at the time, enlisted in January 1776, and served four months and six days as a private in Captain Gideon Brownson's Company, Colonel Seth Warner's Regiment of Green Mountain Boys, and was in Arnold's Expedition to Canada.  He enlisted in July 1776 and served three month as a private in the Connecticut Troops.  Again, he enlisted in 1781 and served three or four weeks as a private in the Vermont troops.  (I am not sure that the information about Arnold's Expedition to Quebec is correct, because that was in 1775. Either he was not on this expedition, or Libbeus's file at Fold 3 doesn't reflect this, except in a letter dated September 19, 1924 from the War Department to Jane S Johnson of Brookline, Mass. The expedition's records may or may not clear this up.) 

It's not clear when Libbeus moved to Rupert, Vermont, but there was a child, Eunis, born there in 1779, and the war records say he enlisted first at Rupert, in 1776.  A biography of his grandson indicates that Libbeus's son Libbeus, who was born in 1785, was 21 when the family moved to New York (Madison County), so that would put the move about 1806.  The senior Libbeus is found in various New York locations, all in Madison County, in the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses.  I have been unable to determine his occupation but I'm thinking he may have been farming.  Known children of Libbeus and Eunice Pomeroy are Eunis, noted above, Libbeus, mentioned above, Lydia, Lucinda, and Alvin.  Census records indicate the possibility of more children, because in 1800 there were two white males under 10, 1 aged 10-15, one aged 16-25, two white females under 10, and two aged 16-25. It is possible, of course, that there were other configurations that would support this census, such as a son or daughter with spouse and children living with them.

In 1832, by this time 78 years of age, he applied for a pension from the government, based on his Revolutionary War service, and eventually was approved for it as an invalid.  He lived 14 more years, and there is a final payment voucher received from the General Accounting Office sent to Albany, New York, for the third quarter of 1846. 

Much of the information for this post was taken from Fold 3, and from  More research needs to be done in New York, to determine whether Libbeus owned land, and in Vermont, to try to figure out when Libbeus moved there, and whether he was the only family member who did so.  I also want to clarify whether or not Libbeus was actually part of Benedict Arnold's expedition to Canada in 1775.  Does someone reading this have any of this information?

The line of descent is:

Libbeus Stannard-Eunice Pomeroy
Libbeus Stannard Jr-Luceba (Euzebia) Fay
Hiram Stanard-Susan Eddy
Louis Stanard-Mary Alice Hetrick
Etta Stanard-Loren Holbrook
Ray/Howard/Lois/Gladys Holbrook