Friday, August 9, 2013

My first post

I'm writing this blog for anyone who will read it. I'm writing it for myself. But most of all, I'm writing it to honor the people of our past, plain and simple, or royal and regal, or somewhere in between. 

My plan is to post primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Tuesdays will be a miscellaneous kind of day. Maybe I'll mention a book I'm reading, or a new genealogy find, or the results of a trip to a courthouse or library.  I'll also post my "missing" ancestors here, in the hope that someone will recognize them and be able to offer additional information or help. 

Fridays I'll write about a specific person or family. I will try to label these so you will know whether this is someone in the Harshbarger, Beeks, Allen, or Holbrook family, and will then know whether you want to read further, or not. 

 A word of warning:  I am writing for family, not for the world of scholars and genealogists. I may mention sources in passing, but it will not be in the format desired by the genealogy world. I can spend weeks or months trying to master those rules, or I can write and share what I have. I'll be writing and sharing!