Friday, August 11, 2017

Harshbarger line: Christopher Ketteman, revisited

I'm going to try again with this ancestor.  I wrote about him before, but my information confused two different men by the name of Christopher Kitteman or Ketteman or Kettemann or probably other spellings.  Virginia Perry, whose work I thought I was following when I wrote the first post, has been so kind as to send me two lengthy emails, giving me additional information and clues, which I haven't followed up on yet.   I wanted to at least get this much information corrected and added to, in case I'm not successful in following up on her clues . I only hope I don't mess this up this time!

OK.  Our Christopf Ketteman (the way it was spelled on the ship coming over in 1751) or Christopher Kettemann (German spelling) first shows up on an American record in 1756, as a single man, in Springfield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1756. He married Anna Margaret Lawall there in 1761 in the Tohickon Reformed Church of Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The church has records dating back to 1745 so good Germans had been settling this area for several years. 

It appears that the family went to Frederick County, Maryland soon after their marriage, but they left when the rents came due in 1770-1771.  After a stay in Northampton County, Pa, with or near Anna Margaret's parents, they seem to have gone directly to Augusta County, Virginia They probably stayed there the rest of their lives, although boundary changes means there could be records in Hampshire County, Pendleton County, and Hardy County, in what is now West Virginia.   They had several children, more than I realized when I wrote the first blog post.  Besides Daniel, George, Mary and Jacob other likely children are Peter, Susanna, Stoffel, and Frederick.  (This is by process of elimination, not necessarily the best way to document children but it's a start).

Unfortunately, many records were burned in this area during the Civil War unpleasantries, so we may never find some of the records we need to determine when Christopher and Margaret died, or what land they owned.  We can guess they lived simple, hardworking lives.  I've not found any Kittemann etc name in the reference books I have indicating service prior to the Revolutionary War, nor could I find a reference to Christopher on Fold3.  It is likely, however, that at the very least he would have been involved in frontier defense, as all able-bodied men were expected to do their duty, defending against potential Indian attacks. 

That is as much as we know about Christopher and Margaret.  I will keep looking for records to try to pinpoint death information, location and whether there was a will or estate.  That could tell us more about this couple.  I hope everything I have written here is either true or likely (speculation about additional children, and military service).  Any errors are of course my own but for the facts, we can thank Virginia Perry! 

Again, the line of descent is:

Christopher Ketteman-Anna Margaret Lawall
Mary Ketteman-George Harter
Johan George Harter-Mary Miller
George Harter-Elizabeth Geiger
John Harter-Mary Bennett
Clara Harter-Emmanuel Harshbarger
Grover Harshbarger-Goldie Withers
Cleveland Harshbarger-Mary Margaret Beeks
Their descendants